About me

My counselling experience includes working in a GP Practice, The West London Centre for Counselling, The Camden Bereavement Service and The Marie Curie Hospice. I have also worked with families in Homestart.

Prior to counselling, I have worked with children from nursery age to adolescents. This experience has helped me to understand how unresolved childhood patterns often continue well into adulthood, affecting our sense of self and our relationships with others. Together we can explore both childhood and present relationships and reflect on your responses to them.

In the past, I have worked as a Massage Therapist privately and also with cancer patients in a hospital. I am also an experienced Reiki Practitioner. My experience of working with the body has helped me to understand how physical symptoms are often linked to emotional states.

The foundation of my counselling is embedded in my 35 years of meditation practice and Mindfulness, which is about being aware of our mind and body and bringing that awareness into our lives.

My aim is to journey with the client to help bring clarity and reconcile difficulties that may get in the way of living a meaningful and rich life.